Outline of Association


Established   11th December, 2017

Objective    Guide and Coach to promote practical Management Skills & Know-how of Technology & Human Organization in order to
         contribute to a sound advancement of society, economy and culture.
         Especially Call for Senior Active People in the third age stage to participate and instill their well experienced expertise
         to younger generations worldwide.

Chairman    Tsuyoshi Negishi

Managing Directors
         Yoshito Kobayashi
         Tatsuhiko Seki
         Hideya Kawai
         Shigeo Yokoyama

Controller    Kenichi Inoue

Advisory Board To acquire a wide variety of advices and suggestions from well experienced people in various industries, academics
         and fields to raise up MPA’s capability of contribution and conformity to social responsibility

Bank A/C    NAKANO-EKIMAE Branch, MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Address     602 Broadway, 5-52-15 Nakano, Nakano-Ku, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan

A Line of Businesses

① Find and systematize practical management skills & know-how in technology & human organization

② Develop human resources by training and education

③ Diagnose and consult to improve the actual fields of the corporations

④ Develop teaching material by web, publishing, translation and so on for enlightenment

⑤ Practice the businesses above in the world and Japan


• Transfer MPA-members’ own experiences, technologies, skills and know-hows to younger people and contribute to society

• In overseas, especially, exert Japanese active seniors’ Soft Power and contribute to develop and improve worldwide people’s welfare, economy and culture

Core Fields

• Provide practical management skills and know-how of technology and human-organization such as 5S, KAIZEN, IE(Industrial Engineering) and related basic engineering technologies (electricity, mechanic, civil, construction etc.) to implement the countermeasures for improving productivity & quality in manufacturing and service industries

• Provide practical know-how on problem detection & solution in terms of fundamental managerial elements such as product & customer marketing, human resource & organizational management to steer the corporate strategic activities