Since 2018, stated MPA’s full-fledged activities in Vietnam

  • – Visited 24 companies in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Hai Phong to perform short time of diagnosing factories and provide advices for KAIZEN to them
  • – For three (3) companies, conducted more than half year and several times of KAIZEN Coaching for improving production processes inside factories
  • – The industries we visited have covered lots of industries such as foods, furniture, electric wirings, telecommunication equipment, machineries, chemicals, aluminum & steel processing and so on
  • – Have been guided and supported by collaborating with VJCC (Vietnam-Japan Human Resources Development Institute) established by the jointly organized and operated by JICA and Foreign Trade University
  • – Have been tied with VJBEC (Vietnam-Japan Business Exchange Club

Since late 2022 when the calming-down of the Covit-19’s pandemic, we are preparing to re-start our activities in Vietnam

  • In July 2022 visited JJCC and the company for which MPA had been coaching up to early 2020 from 2019 for three times